Please Upload Main Header Image (Hero) – Please use High Quality Image as possible. You can upload additional image to create a slide
– Please Check and Review “Menu Layout” to make sure that it reflects you business goals
– Set up your Taglines

Website Pages – Content is very important
– Home Page Contents
– Create a mock up screenshot on how would you like your Home pages would look like
– Identify Images for each section on your home page
– Provide Images for your Services (Leather board, Services offered etc)
-Create a mock up screenshot on how would your contents would look like
– Create Contents of your Services
– Please Create Contents of your Services (Other Menu)
– Create Images for About Us Page

Other Website Features
– Please select Features that you need for your website
– Please submit Blog Contents (3 blogs)
– Identify 3 Images that corresponds to your blog
– Create Testimonials
– Create FAQ
– Create Portfolio (Images and few text)
– Define contents for your websites’ policies and conditions
– Include Analytics Scripts

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