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There are many free and commercial SEO tools available on the Internet, so I focused on only some of the more popular and useful ones.  This is by no means a comprehensive list.


I have provided a link where you can check how fast does your website load and the recommendations on how you could optimise your website. You also need to assess your service providers host platform configuration as well to see whether  you can discover further improve web server optimisation opportunities.

favourite tool to really get a handle on how well my hosting server performance is. Visit

SEO Site Check Up



The test is designed to help make your site faster by identifying what about a webpage is fast, slow, too big, and so on.


Web Page Test

This is a great powerful web test tool which is free. It covers the ability to conducts website speed tests from different locations around the globe using various web browsers. Try it here at

Yahoo Test Tool

YSlow analyzes web pages and why they’re slow based on Yahoo!’s rules for high performance web sites .This is very similar to GTMetrix but it covers more web browers. Visit

Google Test Tool

This test tool is very technical produced by Google. Not my favourite, but here because its Google.


Server Performance Test Tool

Web hosting companies don’t always tell you the full story when it comes to your domain website hosting.


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