Understanding your target audience

brandingWe at Opal Web Design in Sydney, start with understanding your requirements, the industry you serve and your target customers. Through this analysis I am able to formulate a website specifically designed to promote the selling of your products or services.

We can also formally document what your website requirements must have and what it must allow users to do. With the customer in mind and for you to generate more business, I blend this information with many innovative ideas to create a strong and effective web marketing tool that can help you compete in this competitive world.

I will make sure that all your web links are search engine friendly which effects in a positive way your ranking on search results pages.

My web services and Web design approach in South West Sydney includes providing:

  • Professional Web Design and hosting services
  • Organic SEO results
  • Technical support and maintenance
  • Training in a range of CMS products
  • Content review relevant for you
  • Mobile user friendly testing of your website
  • Health checks of your website
  • Conducting website audit
  • Providing special functionality like click to call for mobile devices
  • Domain Name registration, web mail, training and support

being in front

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