Slow Website Case Study

I decided to run a case study to help my clients understand some of the complexities when a website is live and running. When a website is slow it is normally associated either with the bloated theme it is using, the CMS platform chosen,  or overload on a shared web server service.

First of all, my recommendation is for you as the client to check that your web server that you have chosen is running at a fast speed. I did a test on a demo theme a client wanted and for testing purposes checked the server it was running on. That was great.

Step 1 :  Test Web Server

Always check that the response from testing your webserver responds with “Congratulations. Your website hosting server is exceptionally quick

Step 2 :  Check Performance of website itself

Using  tool in this case, presented slow load  page speed time effecting user experience when visiting the website. The supplier of this particular theme could only recommend a few workarounds such as using a number of third party software cache tools which in real terms had minimal effect. A number of SEO web test tools are available to also try.

GTMetrix Performance Report

Bottom Line

I recommend that any person wanting to do it themselves, perform as a minimum the tests as outlined in step 1 and 2 before making a final decision or contact me for advice on 0413 701 333.

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