Server performance affects load time

When a user enter the domain name of a site, the first thing that happens is that your web browser (Google, etc) sends a ping to a web  server. It’s asking for all the information and data, so it can load up your website. Sometimes you get a good response, sometimes not.

What the web hosting company does not tell you

Poor server performance is almost always down to your web host. The bottom line (keeping everything else equal), if your server’s performance is poor, it will take longer to respond. No matter how quick everything else is.  One cannot disregard the sad fact that a slow server will always give you a slow start. What is “under the hood makes all the difference”.

When you select a  cheap web host, you will usually be given a shared web server. Again many web hosting companies provide no information on how many sites are using the shared space and limited finite resources with countless other websites. When your hosting server speed is below average, consider changing hosts!

Check your web server performance at

An independant review was carried out  which can be viewed here Best Web Hosting Shared Servers in 2019 and results can be seen for each below:

6. Liquid Web : skipped
15. TMDHosting ( Use Darrel626 For 7% OFF )

Server Performance Test Results

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