Lets Get Connected for SEO Google Ranking


Social media plays a strong role when it comes to your marketing strategy and consequently you presence. Its all about  sharing your content and making it easy to find.  Search engine optimisation has now reached a stage that it is now tied to social media and plays a dominant role when trying to get on top of  Google search results listings. If you already haven’t,  we recommend you create a Google+ and Facebook presence.

When going through your website, Opalwebdesign has a long checklist

These are just some of the issues we look at :

  • Is your Title tag properly optimised
  • Is your Description tag properly optimised
  • Do you use Google publisher
  • Is your Canonical Tag present
  • What about Robots File optimised
  • Are your Heading Tags Distribution properly implemented (h1 to h6)
  • Do you have Image Alt Tags
  • Because content is king, is your webpage content properly optimised
  • Do you have Social Media links present.
  • How strong is Google SERP
  • How is fast is page speed load


Content is King

When it comes to search engine sales and web presence, the term “content is king” was coined to lure customers to buy a service or product. More than ever, “Web Content Is King”  as a phrase, is relevant to attract consumers who have become more tech-savvy and demanding than ever before with the primary goal to invite, inspire, attract, engage with the intention to convert prospective leads into customers.

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