Do you need to increase visibility for your business? Lets Get Connected for SEO Google Ranking

Achieve higher local visibility through search engine optimisation (SEO).SEO strategies that have the most impact on local search results with a particular focus on target keywords and how to leverage Google My Business (GMB) for higher search rankings. 

We collect detailed information about exactly what the customer is looking for.


Claiming your Google My Business profile

Before you even have a website, I recommend you have a Google My Business profile, which will help your business show up when it matters most, the moment customers are searching on Google Search and Google Maps for your business products or services that you offer. You will need to  check your eligibility by following Google’s guidelines. See if your listing is compliant against Googles guidelines.

Local SEO is more specific when it comes to strategies that help local businesses rank higher in search results when people are searching for businesses that are close to their physical location so it’s important to get the local search suburb-related keywords right here.

SEO videos to help with Google ranking

Videos (whether they are on YouTube or Vimeo) are a powerful marketing tool as we tend retain as much as 95% of the message as oppose to 10% if we read it. The combination of content, images and audio together actively engages our brain and we are able to remember information more effectively.

Opalwebdesign will guide you through the SEO Video Google ranking process from the perspective of your customer. Areas of focus will be to target demographics and affinity audiences for branding and awareness with a focus on demos, problem-solving, visiting us, FAQs, how-tos, in-action videos engage prospects which should answer the questions they have about the business.

Social media platforms helping with Google ranking

Social media such as Facebook or Instagram play a strong role when it comes to your marketing strategy and consequently your presence. It’s all about sharing your content between these social media platforms and your website and making it easy to find.  Search engine optimisation has now reached a stage where it is now tied to social media and plays a dominant role when trying to get on top of  Google search results listings. If you already haven’t,  we recommend you create a Google+ and Facebook presence.

When going through your website, Opalwebdesign has a long checklist

These are just some of the issues we look at :

  • Is your Title tag properly optimised
  • Is your Description tag properly optimised
  • Do you use Google publisher
  • Is your Canonical Tag present
  • What about Robots File optimised
  • Are your Heading Tags Distribution properly implemented (h1 to h6)
  • Do you have Image Alt Tags
  • Because content is king, is your webpage content properly optimised
  • Do you have Social Media links present.
  • How strong is Google SERP
  • How is fast is page speed load

Content is King

When it comes to search engine sales and web presence, the term “content is king” was coined to lure customers to buy a service or product. More than ever, “Web Content Is King”  as a phrase, is relevant to attract consumers who have become more tech-savvy and demanding than ever before with the primary goal to invite, inspire, attract, engage with the intention to convert prospective leads into customers.

Check out the competition

Google is always updating its search results so its important to assess how the competition is addressing SEO as it will determine how results appear and in what order. In turn, you will test your results in comparison to see what your competitors are ranking, how they’re ranking and what they’re doing so you can try and determine why they’re ranking and why you position is different. This is where we come in in analysing your SEO web analytic results.

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